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Kubernetes consulting

Helping you operate software in cloud or on-prem Kubernetes enviroments. We can help you migrate applications to run on Kubernetes, harden secure Kubernetes environments and build the processes and automation to keep the environment secure and up-to-date.

Clojure, Python, Java…

We have experience working with multiple languages on different projects and can adjust what we use based on your needs. We’re experienced in cryptography and cryptosystems, help you We can help solve performance issues and build metrics and monitoring capabilities on your software. We can also tackle SQL database performance issues.


We’re experienced in cyber security exercises. We can do cyber security reviews for you systems and processes. We can help you assess the risks and harden your systems and network environments where it matters the most.


Our team has experience on all the parts of DevOps and can help you make the journey from development to production deployment smooth sailing. We’ll help you integrate the development and software delivery processes and give you tools to manage you whole software supply chain.


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Who We Are

A dedicated team working together.

Our Vision

To help make the operating and updating of systems smooth and secure from the very beginning till the end for our clients.

Our Mission

Helping our clients with their problems while understanding our teams strenghts and needs.